At the heart of Organic India lies a strong commitment to caring and consciousness. We work with thousands of farmers in India to cultivate tens of thousands of acres of sustainable, organic farmland. Made with love and full of goodness, Organic India products promote health and wellness. Each product you hold in your hands is one link in a chain of love, respect and connectedness between Mother Nature, our farmers, our company and you.

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You are in charge of your own well-being. When you take care of yourself, you can see the difference — more energy, good mood, and radiant charm. Be active, eat whole foods, listen to nature. Keep your mind sharp with Chias.

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From our beginnings as a specialty foods distributor to the founding of Cucina & Amore, we’ve stayed true to our core beliefs — value, quality, innovation — to provide delicious, high quality foods for our customers, to our retail partners and our community. We continue to make these foods with only a few, recognizable ingredients, minimal processing, and GMO free. We owe a big thank you to everyone for joining us on this wonderful journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our extended family for years to come.

At Percol, we care about where our coffee comes from. That’s why we support the Rainforest Alliance and the Soil Association, and now have twice as many organic products in our range. Our beans are hand-picked at source and freshly roasted in the UK. When you care, you do it properly.

The British Quinoa Company is the leading grower of British quinoa grains, supplying into farm shops, delis and wholefood stores. You can also find our little grains appearing in many of the healthy eating ranges found within supermarkets and leading coffee chains.

Fuzion 100 contains coconut water from tender, young, green coconuts. It is fused with incredible fruit flavours to create a drink that not only tastes great, but rehydrates you in whatever scenario life throws at you.


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